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EM400, FFB2000-Pro and DS-option in a bundle

The EM400 series are suitable for each insulation blowing material.
We'd like to convince you of the advantages of this series.

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Are You planning a New Accession?
Use this Great Opportunity:

EM400 insulation blowing machine inclusively FFB2000-Pro radio remote control and the configuration options remote controlled airlock rotational speed (DS-option) in a package*

  • Free type selection: EM400, EM430, EM440 oder EM440-3x230V
  • FFB2000-Pro with current firmware and 50 m connection cable
Machine type List price
EM400-400V-7,5kW incl. FFB2000-Pro+DS-Option* € 17.246,15
EM430-400V-9,5kW incl. FFB2000-Pro+DS-Option* € 17.917,19
EM440-3×230V-10,0kW incl. FFB2000-Pro+DS-Option* € 18.101,32
EM440-400V-10,5kW incl. FFB2000-Pro+DS-Option* € 18.101,32

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* In this packages are included the FFB2000-Pro and the con guration options remote controlled airlock rotational speed (DS-option).
More information about EM4XX-Series you can  nd in the EM400 broschure.

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