M95 Zellofant L Series: Extra Power in the Proven Format

by Tillmann Assenheimer (comments: 0)

Insulation blowing machine M95 L series now with improved air power

Recently, we have reworked the entire Zellofant M95 L Series. All machines in this type series are going to be equipped with strong radial compressors with immediate effect. These clearly increase the air power.

Furthermore, we are now integrating a rotary power motor in combination with a frequency converter on both light current machines for the conditioning unit. Thus, a higher driving power arises here and a wear-free rotary power motor.

The M95 Insulation Blowing Machine now draws out the general electricity’s whole potential. Thus it provides modern performance at an attractive price for the entry into blow-in technology.

Following models are obtainable:

  • M95-230V/3.7kW
  • M95-2×230V/5.1kW
  • M95-400V/5.1kW
  • M95-400V/7.0kW (optional 7.3 kW)


Further information and downloads can be found on the product page of M95…

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