Fibre Switch Cascade available

by Tillmann Assenheimer (comments: 0)

Demo: Fibre Switch Cascade with 4 outflows on Youtube

Uninterrupted Switchovers with up to Four Hoses

You are able to fill big wide cavities and many similar elements with the pneumatic fibre switch cascade fast and rationally. Moreover it is possible to change blowing insulation tools quickly.

Watch the demo video on Youtube >>>

Product description:
Pneumatic driven material sorting gate for uninterruptible switchover from solid material air flows with four outflows, fully functioning and completely prepared for connecting a radio remote control or connectable over foreign signals.
Module is completely assembled on ground plates consisting of 3-piece pneumatically driven material switches, fastening, hose installation, and connected electrically and pneumatically.

Particular Properties

  • Extremely quick switchover thus low tendency to tamper
  • No unwanted material entry in outflows that are not switched on
  • Powerful drive, also switches during backflow in the hoses
  • Controllable via a radio remote control

Technical Specification:

  • Inflow: hose supports NW75 (3")
  • Outflow: 4× hose supports NW75 (3")
  • Switching time: <0,5 seconds
  • Air pressure connection: ¼”, (approx. 55 L/min, depending on how often it is applied)
  • Required control signals: 3 switch inflows 24V =
  • Weight: approx. 35 kg
  • Dimensions: approx.500 × 600 × 480 (L × B × H)

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