EM360/365 with turbine and wear-free conditioning unit

by Tillmann Assenheimer (comments: 0)

EM360/EM365 compact insulation blowing machine with turbine

At the release of the EM300 series we already announced it but now, the series is available with a turbine.
The following models are available:

  • EM360-400V/7,4kW
    Air feed unit 1× multi-level high-powered turbine
  • EM365-400V/8,7kW
    Air feed unit 1× multi-level high-powered turbine and
    2× high-powered centrifugal fans

With this new configuration, the EM300 can complete its final leap with regard to heavy-duty applications i.e. pressure and air-flow volume.

Moreover, we have optimised the material conditioning unit of this series. The first conditioning step is now realised with three fast rotating agitator shafts. They are wear-free and have low-maintenance.

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