EM300 can process seaweed

by Tillmann Assenheimer (comments: 0)

EM300 processing sea weed

In recent months, we carried out several tests with the EM300 series and the blowing insulation material seaweed (Posidonia oceanic). The processing was faultless and the results fullfilled all requirements.

As of now, the X-Floc EM300 insulation blowing machine as well as all models (EM320/EM325/EM340/EM345/EM360/EM365) can be used for the processing of loose insulation materials which are made from seaweed (e.g. Neptutherm), now that it is officially approved. We are also delighted to widen our range of compatible blowing insulation materials for our machines.
The great thing about seaweed, is that it is free of chemical additives. We also have a really sustainable insulation material to meet the needs of our eco-friendly customers. Therefore the marketing destination for blowing insulation is bigger.

You can watch a short video on our Youtube channel which shows how the Neptutherm seaweed is processed in a large-scale redevelopement project.

Please ask us if you have any questions regarding the processing of sea weed?

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