Blowing Insulation on 72 m Height with X-Floc EM365

by Tillmann Assenheimer (comments: 0)

X-Floc EM365: Experiment on 72m height

We always get asked what our blowing machine's maximum hose lengths and access heights are. In March 2015, we constructed an experimental design to answer that question using a blowing machine EM365 connected to a test element which was 72 m high.

This machine type is equipped with a 3 level turbine as well as two amplification blowers.
The hose length was approx. 100 m and the access heigh was simulated using an elevating work platform.

Firstly, we measured the machine's maximum pressure at lofty heights.
It was 474 mbar.

During the blowing attempt, we reached a density of 68 kg/m³ using conservative settings - much more than was needed.

Hence, it is deducible that the EM300 series is sufficient for the most demanding air performance tasks.
For insulation materials with a higher bulk density, the access height could of course be reduced and for more challenging applications, it is clear that it would handle the job ádroitly.

Safer blowing with X-Floc.

Take a look at out successful attempt on our YouTube Channel >>>

More info on the EM300 series…

Air Supply Unit Information:

  • EM320/EM340: 3× high performance-radial compressor
  • EM325/EM345: 5× high performance-radial compressor
  • EM360: 1× high performance turbine
  • EM365: 1× high Performance turbine and 2× high performance-radial compressor

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