X-Floc is a major manufacturer of insulation blowing machines, blowing injection equipment and element filling systems and we are proud to be pioneers in the blowing insulation industry.
In this section, you can find more information about the company and its history.

About Us and History

X-Floc company building: Symbol of the development

Since 1994, X-Floc has been heavily involved with future-orientated blowing insulation technologies. Please have a read through below to learn how we entered this market, about our evolution and where we stand today.
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Quality Assurance

Qualitätssicherung mit Kennlinien

We are famous for the long life time and the building site capability of our products. We assure that with several quality checks. Every machine which leaves our factory is checked most accurately before.
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Insulation flock in the air stream

X-Floc is heavily involved with Research and Development. In collaboration with other research institutions and insulation material manufacturers, we could carry out many more successful projects. In this section, you can glance over our current and past research targets.
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X-Floc service: Delivery, trainings and instructions

We offer a lot of services. We have our own delivery service, briefings, training as well as a complete spare part service for X-Floc insulation blowing machines and other machines.
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Job offers

At X-Floc, we offer a wide range of career opportunities. We offer training for all trading/commercial positions, we have our own engineering department, distribution/marketing departments as well as an electrical workshop.
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Press information

Do you need any information about our company, images, press releases or a press review? If so, you can find the usual information, news and a contact person for theses queries in this section.
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